Sunday, August 26, 2007

The best day EVER

Well, it ended up being amazing - though insanely hot! My new husband (weird) and I are in the middle of packing for Mexico, but I thought a few detail shots would be fun to post before I depart! More on the details of the festivities upon my return!

The gummy candy bar:

Placecard table with heritage frames and photo albums:

The girls' nosegays of dahlias:

A sneak peak:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

48 hours and counting!

A few final things before we sign off for the Wedding Weekend! I've been working feverishly the past few days to get everything finalized. The families start descending tonight, and the celebrations are soon to begin!

I've posted before about our out of town boxes. It's clear to me now that we may have gone a little overboard (you have to pick them up from underneath or risk breaking the handle because of the weight). But, with that said, there's no doubt in my mind that every single person visiting us this weekend is going to be blown away. There's nothing like an excessive do-it-yourself wedding! I'm thrilled to be able to do this for our loved ones, but have to confess that I kind of wish I was a guest!

Last night we packaged up the popcorn! It's MW's favorite snack, and a great addition to the box:

This morning, I finished sealing the boxes! They're ready to go, being delivered to hotels tonight!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just a little pic of some "Thank-you" chocolates (Godiva) for my thank you luncheon on Friday. Each pretty lady will receive a package of presents with a little tribute from me, but when they arrive at their seats these delicious chocolate rasberry caramel delacacies await them! (Complete with cute pink ribbon and hand made tag. Don't you love the new Martha Stewart papers?)


For our Out-of-Town packages, Mark and I decided to make hugs and kisses chocolates (x's and o's) in pink white chocolate and dark chocolate. I made a label for the little bags, we filled them with chocolate treats, and sealed them with a coordinated bow. Here are a few pics of the (messy) adventure!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Amy Kuschel

I've fallen in lust with Amy Kuschel's gowns. I love the sketches on her Web site and the multiple corresponding photographs. If you're looking for design inspiration, look no further! Yummy!

Vote for me!

My style board was featured today on Style me Pretty's FABULOUS blog! I'm very excited. I'm having a moment of panic over poison ivy, hurricane Dean and parental issues, so this is definitely making me feel a little better. Oy, and my wedding is in five days!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Purse girl

Not to ruin any surprises ... I'll fill in the blanks later, but in the meantime, I wanted to turn you all onto Viv Pickle purses, a gem to anyone living in Philly, but a special find for those of you shopping on the internet!

Custom design your own purse! Choose from a plethora of shapes, fabric, liners, etc. You name it, they make it!

You and your friends can also book a fun time filled with chit-chatting, sipping some beverages... and designing your own handbags! Viv Pickle will visit your home or office with ready-to-buy merchandise, our many books of fabric samples and a hefty supply of order forms! Your friends and family can buy off the rack or create their very own custom bags! And, for every $350 purchased/ordered, the hostess (with the mostess) will receive a credit for one free Viv Pickle bag!

To receive Pickle Party information, contact us via at

Ms. Darcy Miller

The Martha Stewart Wedding Goddess, Darcy Miller, has entered the world of blogging! Guess I'll be adding this little treat to my list of daily reads. I hope we get previews of what's to come!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Knottie bios

I hate that I've become one of these stalking women, but "Recently Added" bios have been added to Magnificent Bliss. Here are some of my faves today:

Little indulgences

I've started a bad habbit. Every time I have a hiccup or slight panic attack over something wedding related, I buy myself a treat. Once you're in so deep, it's easy to jump in with both feet! Today's present was purchased with the intent of calming me down. It's the most amazing thing, and I recommend it to everyone!

Caffeine free. 100% organic. Completely soothly. Simply delicious.

Pandora's box

I caved. I tried. I held off until I heard this morning that MW was sneaking a peak. is the devil...

But, at least the weather doesn't look toooo bad! {***knocking wood!!***}

Two maids

I've mentioned it before, but I have two best friends - we're the fearsome threesome - so I have two beautiful Maids of Honor! Since we're rounding the corner, I thought it was safe to post about their dresses. Each is incredibly unique, so I let them pick out equally unique dresses, anything that they loved and thought they'd wear again. The only caveat, that the dresses be brown. I didn't care what fabric, length, silhouette. Whatever they wanted. And, let me just say, the both looked STUNNING when they found the perfect dresses. So, here they are!

Scarlet silk shantung modified A-line gown with gathered cummerbund at waist, tie sash at back. JK is quite petite, and she looked amazing in this long gown. Picture in brown :)

LK is TALL, long blond hair. She got this in tea-length. Shiny, beautiful brown!

Do you think the different lengths will matter?

11 days!!

Okay, deep breaths. This only happens once, and I'm trying to take in every single day leading up to the big day. Wedding crafts, timelines, vendor lists and confirmations are all I can think of.

Things checked off the list today:
  • Final confirmation with reception location (Davios)
  • Final confirmation with rehearsal dinner location (Bellini Grill)
  • Seating arrangements (finalized tonight)
  • Placecards (over pizza and wine tonight!)
  • Programs (ditto!)

There are only a few things left to do: write my figgin' vows, make the remaining chocolates, buy and package popcorn, assembling out of town boxes, pick up my dress, finalize all the lists and lists, finish table number displays, pack, organize, freak out, stress, and run into a few more radiators - absent mindedly. I'm a bridal blur!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I started a trend!

My best friend (who is one of my maids of honor) was engaged this morning in Maine!!! I am elated! Thrilled! Happier than words can express! I've been waiting for it to happen for some time, and therefore have been accumulating photographs to inspire her. During one visit, months ago, she described her dream dress to me. And, throughout my own wedding obsession, I've been deposting dress photos for her. In honor of my dearest friend, some dresses - perfect for petite, beautiful women with gorgeous tan skin!

(I actually tried this one on. The three tiered flowers are pins that you can remove or rearrange as you see fit. My final decision came down to this and the dress I ended up getting! Beautiful fabric.)

Jim Hjelm

Melissa Sweet

Domo Adami

Friday, August 10, 2007

For all you Philly brides...

Secret insight into the small world of East Arch Street ... Check out Scarlett Alley, both online and at 3rd and Arch Street, for FABULOUS wedding gifts, home decor, and treats galore!

While idling away a few hours today on my day off (!!) I popped into the store and was thrilled to find the "to have" and "to hold" container mentioned numerous times on

Additionally, rumor has it Ms. Scarlett will soon be opening a bridal boutique next door for all of your bridal accessories: ring pillows, guest books, photo albums, gifts, jewelry, you-name-it!

A few sneak peeks at the Web site products that I covet:

shell cream and sugar:

fabulously stylish tools for real women:
cono stack rings:

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I'm going to make a confession: I am a stress eater. If left with time on my hands to think about the mounting list, I'm prone to turn to chocolate, cakes, icing, ice cream...

Recently, I've been able to curb my cravings {currently I'm snacking on tabbouli}, but I LOVE me some desserts. Which is why I'm drawn to these images by Karen Wise. {Plus, they're so purty!} Boy, I hope they have good desserts in Mexico!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reception shoes...

It's not like I'm wearing heal for the ceremony, but I just couldn't resist when I saw these online at Old Navy! They are just TOO perfect for words, so I'll be slipping into them for a little rug cutting at our reception.

Dessert buffet

Yesterday, Abby at Style Me Pretty posted a few questions from her readers. One was in reference to a dessert buffet. I suggested mini desserts on square white platters. Coincidentally, I found this photograph today and thought it fit perfectly with my suggestion. Wouldn't you just love walking along and selecting a few delicate treats?

You DO NOT want to miss this distraction: Rebecca' Thuss' Web site! Thanks today to Faye and Greer for turning me on to this brilliant stylist and for providing hours of internet distraction!

Pink vases

I was reminded by Style me Pretty's latest post that I'd meant to show off these vases from Crate and Barrel. A good friend recently turned me back on to tiny bud vases, and the iridescence of these is fab. They're on sale too ($4.95 - $14.95). I might have to sneak and add them to our registry ;-)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Progress report

A few weeks back I posted about the tissue paper flower arrangements that I was making for the cocktail tables at our reception. I've finally gotten around to taking a couple of pictures!

Additionally, We've started assembling the large number of out of town boxes, as well!

I've taken my program inspiration from the latest edition of Martha Stewart Weddings, and I think they've turned out swimmingly. This is my prototype. Several hours of cutting and glueing await me!

Event Web sites

Not only do i love browsing photographers' Web sites, I also adore discovering fabulous event planning sites. After reading an article in today's USA Today, I decided to look up Fete. Unfortunately, frequently when I discover new sites I feel as though maybe I haven't done enough for my wedding? Don't these pictures put most of us to shame? So beautiful!