Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pearls Events!

So, I was just checking out the latest favorite Knottie bio (Mrs. T-to-be) and was thrilled to see Aletha of Pearls Events featured in one of the pictures. Beeeautiul wedding. You have to check this one out!


Holy cow! Is this incredible, or what? I'm constantly amazed by what Housemartin creates. I wish I lived in Portland proximity because every day there's something else I want to discover in the area. A trip is definitely in the works.

These arrangements would make the most incredible (rick, thick, full) centerpieces for a wedding or special event. The radishes add a huge splash of color and an unexpected twist.

Colorize your desktop

A friend sent along a great link today. Check out Kris's Color Dots to download one of these great designs for your desktop. The blog is also really fun to poke through and gives you some great idea and color inspiration.

I'm kind of feeling over pink for a while (GAH!), so I'm thinking I'll go with the red!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joy's guide to Philly!

Joy of Oh Joy! (which, as you all should know, is the pinnacle of inspirational blogs) posted a fabulous guide to Philadelphia on the Design*Sponge blog. Check it out! I agree with all of her listings, and would also add a fabulous new brunch location which recently opened in Fishtown: Ida Mae's. Super cute and amazingly delicious.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Brown Sugar Design

I'm completely obsessed. I've spent a good hour tonight looking at both the Brown Sugar Design Web site and blog.

An now that I've poked through the entire blog, making notes along the way, I'm going to move on to Seattle's Starr Photography to find more photos from this magnificent wedding.

UPDATE: Oh, oh, it's a featured wedding. There are a ton of photos!

Martha on Valentine's Day?

EEEEEeeeee, Hubs and I just found out we have tickets for the Martha show on Valentine's Day. The audience will be filled with couples who met online. Any of you also going? And how did you meet online!?

Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, I don't usually like this type of bouquet, cascading like this, but I was surprised by how much I loved this combination. The flowers actually look quite fragile and elegant, and I love the color combination. Check out Chris + Lynn Photography for more great pics.

Heather Bailey

Not only are her fabrics amazing, but so is her studio. I think this is the one I choose! I just absolutely love it. The colors. The femininity. The craftiness! It definitely has everything and looks like the type of place we'd have a hard time leaving.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Etsy find

I have a number of friends expecting their first children in 2008, and I think these little booties would make a perfect gift!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Craft Room

It's my DREAM to have a craft room in my house, and my husband promised one to me yesterday (when we upgrade to a new house in five or so years). So, in the meantime, I'm starting to collect photos for inspiration. And maybe I'll keep my tiny office clean now as training for my future room. (Riiiggghhttt)

All photos courtesy of Flickr!

Craft and Creativity

Help a blogger out

And visit Snippet and Ink's blog today to take the reader survey! Kathryn's hoping to take her reader's opinions into account when creating her blog. How wonderful is that!? Also, be sure to poke around. GREAT distractions.

Seriously. A Jane Austen wedding? I want it!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Etsy find

I LOVE this Japanese textiles store! The children's prints are the best, and I'm bookmarking this site for when I'll need them. In the meantime, the ribbon is too cute to pass up!

Melissa Jill

Over the holidays I discovered Pheonix-based photographer Melissa Jill. I absolutely adore the song that plays on the homepage of her Web site. Sometimes I just leave it up while I'm checking my e-mail. But, I also love poking through her blog. Great pics and wonderful, bright, vibrant colors!

Confessions of a negligent bloggerette

My absence of late has been a combination of laziness, an insanely busy schedule, and a wee bit of depression and resulting lethargy. I tend to get this way at this time of year - I just want to huddle up in front of the fire, watch the food network and practice my recipes! But, my lack of blogging enthusiasm hasn't saved me from the daily obsession of collecting inspiration. And to be honest, I've missed posting my daily blabber. But, when I do have some time, I'm usually chasing around the puppy!

So, back to it! I'm making a belated New Years resolution to blog every single day. Hmm, wishful thinking? Well, let's see how I can do, shall we?

I recently saw this Vera Wang pic and just simply died. I LOVE the jacket!