Monday, January 21, 2008

Confessions of a negligent bloggerette

My absence of late has been a combination of laziness, an insanely busy schedule, and a wee bit of depression and resulting lethargy. I tend to get this way at this time of year - I just want to huddle up in front of the fire, watch the food network and practice my recipes! But, my lack of blogging enthusiasm hasn't saved me from the daily obsession of collecting inspiration. And to be honest, I've missed posting my daily blabber. But, when I do have some time, I'm usually chasing around the puppy!

So, back to it! I'm making a belated New Years resolution to blog every single day. Hmm, wishful thinking? Well, let's see how I can do, shall we?

I recently saw this Vera Wang pic and just simply died. I LOVE the jacket!

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