Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm it!

I'm feeling so much blogger love lately - particularly for Aletha and Jessica. And, it looks like they are feeling a little bit for me too, because they have both recently tagged me for the always fun six-random-facts post. I'm happy to participate, and though I've posted six random things before, there is NO shortage with me! However, am I a terribe person if I don't pass the game along? Please don't hate me for it ... there are just few people I read regularly who haven't already done this.

Okay, without further ado, I hope this entertains:

1. While I love my little puppy, Winifred, I am completely obsessed with chow-chows. I had a loving and fabulous dog, Celeste (named after Babar's wife), growing up, and I hope we can get our little one a friend soon. Today, Martha posted on her blog about the passing of her beloved dog, Paw-Paw. I recently met Paw-Paw at the Martha Stewart Show, and I am slightly heartbroken today. Only visit the site if you are not a crier. I was a little weepy at work today.

2. I'm messy. My house is clean. My being is spotless. But, when completing crafts or tasks - like painting - I just get totally disgusting! Nothing a wonderful, steaming hot bath can't clean off, and unlike my husband, I'd rather just get the job done, get filthy and worry about it later!

Here are some pics from our weekend painting extravaganza!

3. My husband recently said to me, "You know how I can tell which socks are yours and which are mine? You NEVER turn yours the ride side out." As with all of my clothes, my socks go inside out into the wash. I just don't see the point in taking the time to take them off properly. Be glad there isn't a photo to accompany this one!

4. I secretly wish this had been my bridal bouquet:

5. The BEST present that I received recently was actually one that I'd previously given. My gift was such a huge hit, that my parents decided to give it back to me! And thank god they did! William Sonoma's spiced nut croissants are the best things to have in your freezer. Take a few out the night before, leave them out overnight to rise, and bake them for 20 minutes in the morning. You won't believe how incredibly flaky and delicious these things are. Well worth the money!

6. Here's my most randomest fact: A relative of mine named a cruise ship after me. The ship crashed into the Great Barrier Reef and is at the center of some huge controversy. So, if you Google my name, you get a lot of random legal documents about the "Emily Cheramie Boat." Funny, right?


jessica lynn said...

I'm about to make that my bouquet!! :)

amy purple said...

That bouquet is really gorgeous!