Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The fun part!

I don't care what people say, most girls have imagined themselves in a fabulously white (or some variation thereof) wedding dress at some point in their lifetime. What you end up wearing on the day of your wedding is often lightyears away from what you pictured (as in my case), but the end result leaves you feeling like a million (trillion!) bucks. More beautiful and glowing than ever before.

As previously noted, one of my best friends recently got engaged. She's one of my most talented and artistic friends, always overwhelming me with her sense of style and class. She's modern, au current, original, unique. And so, I present some wedding dress options, that might mesh perfectly with her personality and style. I know she's been poking around herself (five days in and already hunting ... that's my girl!), but maybe these will be new selections!? I can't wait to see what beautiful creation she ends up with.

Angel Sanchez
(I love the intricate details of these dresses)

(I think the jacket would look so cute and stylish on her!)

Melissa Sweet
(They have pockets!)

Priscilla of Boston