Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sorry I've been MIA folks...I've been wicked sick. Four weeks before the wedding and isn't it fitting that I come down with a REALLY bizarre and extremely painful (and gruesome) illness? I have very interesting "luck".

I've had plenty of time to catch up on my mag reading, enjoying the latest Bon Appetite, Better Homes and Gardens, Domain, Martha. That has been one nice thing.

And I've also had a ton of time to look at the files on my computer ... har har... and I realized I never posted pics of my hair trial for the wedding - hair and make-up that is ... so enjoy!


spanks. said...

LOVE the hair, babe!
(of course, my opinion hardly matters, compared to that of my hunky buddy muscles, but the whole point of blogs is online dialogue, so i'm giong to comment, dammit!)

as for the make-up, i'm kinda a less-is-more fellow ... and maybe it's the camera angle, or the lighting, but the first picture appears as though the rouge is trying too hard to alter your bone structure. you don't look like you! actually, you look oddly elfin. the second photo has softer light, so the effect is better, but the contrast of the rouge with your skintone is still a bit high. a much softer pink, i think, would work, or a lighter application fot he current color. you could also use a tinted moisturizer to blend it better.

also, i love the heavy colour around the eyes, but below seems a bit grey... perhaps a very soft blue? and maybe less mascara on the lower lash? or brighten it up with an almost imperceptible splash of glitter? (you probably hate glitter, but done so that it's not obvious, it can do wondrous things... especially for boobs!)

the lipcolour is perfect! seems to have a nice gloss, too. yum.

finally: what are you going to link your nails to? i vote your lips, rather than, say, a french nail.

kisses! <3

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