Monday, November 5, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha

I love her. That's no secret. My friends and coworkers call me Martha. The first book I ever remember getting was her very first cookbook. I was in grade school. I grew up with chows as pets and was thrilled the first time I saw a photo of Paw Paw, Martha's golden chow. I have a framed picture of her on my desk at work (my mother sent it to me as a surprise one day). Clearly, I'm not exagerrating my affections for the domestic goddess.

So, imagine my *delight* (understatement) when I was doing my daily read of Liene's Blue Orchid and found the link to Martha's actual blog! A million exclamation points might give you some idea of what I was feeling, but probably not fully.

Here is Martha with David Rockefeller:

And here she is with her daughter Alexis, who I just think looks stunning in this photo:

And I just love seeing Martha's actual photographs from trips all over the world. LOOK, it's paw paw!

I feel like I've looked directly into her world, and I love it.


Blue Orchid Designs said...

I love it for the same reasons as you (I even went so far as to sport a "free martha" shirt during her time in the clinker), but especially the last one - it feels as though you are peeking directly into her world. :)

blushing apples said...

martha's dog is absolutly cute!

mollie said...

Hi there! I'm on your ornament swap list, and was just stopping by when this post caught my attention. Not too long ago, I had a post with the same title! You've just gotta love her!