Thursday, June 14, 2007


I am of the belief that blogging about the daily occurrences in one's life is pretty narcissistic. I'm a late bloomer to the blog phenomena, but have recently become addicted to a number of crafty, artsy blogs (see links at right!). With two months to go before my wedding, and more insane drama than you can possibly imagine, I'm desperate for creative outlets, and I hope to provide some people out there with daily inspirations for craftiness, not mundane details about myself. Save for the one indulgence:

I can't spell; I'm addicted to all things salty; I attempt most of the Martha Stewart crafts; my friends are insanely talented and my family pretty dysfunctional; I make frequent music recommendations, as I'm slightly obsessed with discovering new artists; I'm marrying a lawyer (a do-good one who works for the "man," but a lawyer, none-the-less); my secret dream is to open up a bakery; if I could eat sushi every night I would.

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