Monday, June 18, 2007


One of America's hidden gems, in my opinion, is Providence, RI. Home to Brown, RISD, Fire water and gorgeous homes, this quaint New England "city" also has some really great shopping. Another fab find recently was that Oop Stuff has an online store!

He he he ... how many of you keep (or kept) record of every boyfriend, hook-up, crush, you name it? I'm guilty of that! It's fun now that I'm "settled" to go back and look at my lists (yes, multiple). I wish I'd had this book back when..."Keep track of all your boyfriends in this fill in the blank dating journal. Start this journal as a tween and you will have a cherished memory for life. A treasure to be read and roared over on the eve of your wedding night or any night spent with a close friend."

I'm also a huge fan of their jewlery collection.

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