Thursday, June 21, 2007

They're invited!

The invitations are being received, so I can safely post a few pics without ruining the surprise! ... Hand made and embossed by moi!


Casey said...

these are beautiful!! i made mine too, and it was a lot of fun!! one day, i hope to make "making invitations" my job... one day.

Chelsea said...

I just saw invites like this and wondered HOW CAN I MAKE THESE?? Did you use a template? Were they expensive to make? I LOVE THEM! I would really appreciate any feedback on how I can do it...thanks

SB said...

I know this was a long time ago but I randomly came across your blog. I absolutely LOVE the invitations you made. They look so professional and I'm wondering how you made these/where you found everything. I really like the little envelope and the different size paper! Truly fantastic! Also congrats (both on the wedding which seems to be years ago, and on the baby!)

Chere Amie said...

SB - You're so sweet for writing. It does seem like many moons ago! I love remembering the planning stages though and miss them greatly. These invitations were definitely a Labor of Love.

All of the paper was purchased at Paper Source ( I did a lot of custom cutting, but the main invitation was an A7 and the RSVP cards and envelopes were the 4-bar (standard RSVP size). I bought the envelopements at This company is run by a mother and daughter and I remember that I found them just delightful to work with. They also had some of the best prices on the internet (and believe me, I was a budget bride so I did my research!). The flowers on the invitations were embossed with stamps that I purchased at That was probably the most time consuming part, but they turned out great and looked very professional. People loved them. (I bought the embossing equipment from Michael's using a 40% off coupon from the mail ... good tip for all of your wedding purchases ... you might just have to make a lot of trips to the store!).

I'm happy to answer any additional questions you had. I also do invitation design and printing on the side, so if you're interested in getting a little help, I can happily send you by cost breakdown for this type of work.

Congratulations and best of luck!!

SB said...

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I was curious as to whether you did this type of stuff on the side as you have a lot of great talent from what I've seen on your blog! Do you have an email that I can correspond with you? It probably wouldn't be for a while as we're having a longer engagement since I'm finishing off graduate school and stuff but I'd def be interested!