Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buy this: Three Potato Four

I was excited to see Three Potato Four included on the Hostess Blog this week! I'm completely in love with the CafeMug Trees (for $18) and a friend suggested placing a little chocolate chip cookie in the snack dish (over your cup of hot coffee) to make it perfectly melty before indulging. The mug says, "We love the four seasons in our forest..."

The site also sells Philly's own Nantaka Joy products, including these beautiful notebooks (for $12 each).
And, if I had the money and was the owner of the gorgeous studio that I blogged about below, I would invest in this coffee table: Handcrafted wood (pine) coffee table with glass-top and recessed vintage letterpress drawers for display (for $550).

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blushing apples said...

that cookie melting is a really good idea! ^_^ happy weekend.