Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tasting Club

{Source: Crate and Barrel.}

Some may call them "Supper Clubs", we've chosen to call ours the "Tasting Club"... Inspired by a book we received for our wedding, along with some fabulous gifts and insanely talented friends, MW and I have decided to start a monthly food club. Each month we'll meet at a different club member's house for an evening of amazing food and drink. Couples will rotate between preparing the following items for the get-togethers: Appetizers, specialty drinks, entrees, desserts. The host each month will choose the theme!

This month we're going with a Harvest theme, and MW and I are playing host. I'll begin exploring recipes tonight (and will surely become quickly engrossed). In the meantime, I'm fantasizing about food presentation and decorations!
{Source: Quadrato serving dishes.}

{Source: Pottery Barn Springwood mingling plate.}

{Source: Plum Party}

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