Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My wish list

My husband and I are on a bit of a budget, due to unexpected - and very expensive - home repairs. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a little greedy these days, and the wallet is just not cooperating. It's very depressing. So, as a way to fulfill my desires, I'm going to share my wish list with all of you. Maybe one of you will purchase a treat for yourself - and enjoy it a little bit for me too!

Je desire Les Oiseaux de Rosanna! These fabulous candle holders, that come in an adorable bird cage gift box, are just $30.

I love these Ginger Jars from Williams Sonoma Home. I hate the price: $138 for the small, $238 for the large. Oy vey!

The take out dish in green from the Gourmet Collection - "the ubiquitous disposable tin food container in fine porcelain." This one is just $65. Sigh.

All of the new fabrics from Studiobon, please. And this bedroom as well. Now THAT is greedy!

1 comment:

susy said...

i have to laugh because i just posted about those lovely lanterns, too...i was thinking the same thing about the price! yikes!!

...i guess having them in the blog will have to do! : )

xx susy