Monday, September 29, 2008

Malibu Wedding Part III

The festivities started with the cocktail hour, and when we pulled up we were greeted by the bride in a fabulously short BCBG dress and these incredible zebra-striped shoes:
The wedding took place under a huge tree with icicle lights hanging from the branches. It was a glorious setting with the sun setting in the background behind the mountains.

Centerpieces: Purple flowers, moss and artichokes in low, rambling containers, and tall branches with candles hanging from little pots underneath.
Heritage frame table:

The wedding cake! A definite highlight ... detail shots below:

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curtis03 Lewis said...

These are adorable wedding photos. I am so pleased to see these photos. I admire that they were able to keep their ceremony small. My sister also had small wedding at domestic garden NYC wedding venues and she had perfect personal touch to her ceremony.