Monday, September 29, 2008

More from Malibu...Rehearsal Dinner

Another wedding under out belt, and I'm happy to report I'll be home for a while, catching up on life and this blog! So much to accomplish and so many backed up posts to get to. It's probably best to wrap up the Malibu wedding. I hope you'll enjoy these photos ... they don't really do it justice!

The rehearsal dinner took place at an orchid ranch in Zuma Beach. The dahlias, pictured below, were definitely a highlight ... larger than my head! Picnic tables lined the walkways and were beautifully lit up with candles when the sun set.

The green house was filled with orchids, and we were invited to walk through and enjoy them before dinner.

The magnificent evening included a live band, tequila shots and an incredible mexican feast!


mary said...

How fun does this look?!

g said...

glad to have you back em. this wedding looks amazing!