Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 degree heat and the Day of Coordinator

That's me! Yesterday's heat was disgusting, and I'm pooped today as a result of the 12 + hour day in the sticky outdoors. But, Gene and Lindsay's wedding was an enormous success by all accounts. Oh yeah, there was one HUGE issue: the bride's mother had to have an emergency appendectomy in the middle of the night and was therefore in the hospital yesterday and unable to attend her daughter's wedding. The Bride was a true trooper thought, and seriously deserves a medal for the stiff upper lip. Here are some preview shots to setting up, with more to come this week - and professional shots before you know it!

My gear: Emergency kit - check. Scissors, tape, glue dots - check. COOL linen clothing - check.

Back brace, just in case - check. And the most important - COMFY SHOES!

Placecard table and incredible floral display (by Robertson's flowers).

Centerpiece 1. (Tall centerpieces filled with white orchids were on all of the 132 rounds. There were also three tall white pillar candles, and six small globed votives, all rented from Robertsons. The table number was also rented from Robertsons - a beautiful gold and engraved mirrored frame.)

Centerpiece 2. (Orchids, the most luscious smelling peonies, and greens filled round glass vases. Three white floating candles and six votives, plus the table numbers finished out the centerpiece.)

Stay tuned for pics of the outdoor venue, cake, etc.!


aletha @ pearls events said...

Gorgeous floral arrangements! Cannot wait to see some pro-pics.

Michelle said...

12 people/table, 132 tables, does that mean there were 1584 guests?

Chere Amie said...

Oops ... I should clarify! There were 175 ish guests, and my reference to 132 was the size of the table. 132 rounds, 120 rounds and 108 rounds are table sizes! Sorry :)

karey m. said...

those peonies!

and thanks for clarifying...i kept running the numbers in my head, checking and rechecking my calculator...i even called a few friends to help me work it out.

and then i was distracted by those peonies and the other pretty pics, and forgot all about math. xoxo!