Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Rumor has it, it's my girl Mary's birthday today! Why don't you hop on over to her blog, South End Blend, for some serious eye candy and inspiration, and drop off a little love while you're there.

If I were near her, I think I would show up on her doorstep with this today.


karey m. said...

DID YOU MAKE THAT?! oh my god! my tongue is just watering!

mary said...

Yes, DID YOU MAKE THAT? And cake or not, you totally should live near me because I can tell we'd do a lot of damage (shopping, decorating, food, drink...) together!

And THANK YOU for the wishes :)


Lyndsy said...

That cake looks incredible! If you did make that, can you share the recipe?