Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Modern Vintage

Hop on over to Modern Vintage, Create My Event's sister site, for some amazing pictures from Wanwisa and Jay's New York wedding. Wanwisa featured details from her wedding for a full week in May! What a gorgeous event ... every detail personalized down to six different flavors of macaroons. Uhm, yum!

Gorgeous Badgley Mishka dress that Wanwisa bought on sale for about a quarter of the price and had resized!

This is like a dream to me:

And, in the event that you're one of those people who isn't a HUGE fan of wedding favors, this might make you change your mind. According to Wanwisa: "The two cream flavors were peanut butter with a concord grape jelly filling, and almond-base cake with a Jasmine filling; the two chocolate brown flavors were chocolate cake with red velvet icing center, and Pumpkin Pie; lastly, the two green flavors were green tea with red bean filling, and green apple with a caramel center."

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