Friday, June 20, 2008

An update

Thanks to fab Mary for pointing this out! An update on Tastespotting:

UPDATE 6.19.08:In trying to resolve this situation, is in the process of having a new owner. She would like you to know that "we're just marinating a bit longer, but tastespotting will be back shortly..."

Good news all around this sunny a.m.!


mary said...

Woo hoo! My Google reader has like 100 less unread items a day since they've been down, but this is great news!

nikkipooh said...

Chere Amie........I NEED your help!!!! I am getting married on 11/22/08 and Davio's and Loews hotel are our 2 choices. I see you had your reception at Davio's. We are considering the 33rd floor of Loews but it needs soooo much decoration to make it look like a wedding rec. What should I do, help me. My big concern with Davio's is that the main room won't be big enough, we are having about 70 guests and I am not sure about the dance floor etc??? How did you set up your reception? Please help me!!!!