Monday, October 15, 2007

John and Kira's Chocolates

In honor of Blog Action Day (there are just a couple of hours left), I wanted to get you all some more information about a company that I've previously only briefly posted about. John and Kira's is one of my favorite (local) companies! They support and encourage community activism while making a product that tastes great (you have NO idea). All of their chocolate is mixed with local ingredients, such as mint! According to their Web site, when they started the company they agreed that to make extraordinary chocolates, they needed to source flavors from extraordinary people. At that time Kira had been working with a group at the University of Pennsylvania that was spending time in public schools setting up nutrition programs. One of their new efforts was a student run garden at Drew Elementary and UC High School in Philadelphia. These students grow all the mint!

Here are two of my other favorite season items:

Magical Lady Bugs!
Too cute to eat. These hand-painted ladybugs have a dark chocolate shell filled with raspberry (red), garden mint (green) or honey lavender (yellow) Valrhona ganache.

Fragile calabacita figs from Spain, filled with a delectable whiskey clove ganache, and dipped in a thin layer of white chocolate tinted a perfect shade of pumpkin. The perfect gift for the Fall!

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