Monday, October 29, 2007

Product plugs

Okay, this is totally shameless, but I rarely become totally and completely addicted to things, so I feel if it's that good, I must share.

The Popcorn Factory
All Halloween items are on sale. They probably won't arrive in time for Halloween, but it doesn't matter. They will be completely delicious regardless, and you can use the tin next year! Seriously. Get the trio ... it's incredibly fantastic.

Wisconsin Wilderness
A friend bought me the Cranberry Mustard, and I can not live without it. It's incredible on pretzels (low-cal, fat free!) and also on pork and chicken. They have stuffing and rice mixes, chutneys, honey, pretzels, dessert toppings and more. I haven't had a product from here that I haven't devoured quickly!

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