Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Putting my money where my mouth is...Part I

So, to follow up my post on how it's "all in the details," I thought I would put my money where my mouth is and share a few additional details of our wedding. We've recently received our professional photos, and there are some great shots of the little things that we put so much time and energy into!

Cocktail Napkins: I wasn't originally going to go with something so bridal, but then I became obsessed with the brown and pink, found these for a great deal on EBay, and splurged. And you know what? I friggin' loved them!

Placecards: I wanted the placecards to be fun and funky. We bought the 2"x2" boxes on sale spur of the moment, wrapped them in brown paper, and tied a pink ribbon the alternate direction. On top we double sided taped the placecard ... which was printed in fabulous handwriting by a friend. ... Oops! And IN the boxes ... pink and brown mardi gras beads to celebrate my Cajun heritage.

Family Table: Rather than have an empty table once the placecards were gone, we decided to fill in the space with our "heritage" frames (photos of our grandparents and parents on their wedding days). We also put some albums out with photographs of us over the years. It was a huge hit, as these things usually are!

Tissue Flowers: Are you sick of me talking about these yet? If not, to recap, I made nine arrangements (one for each for the cocktail tables). People loved them (in fact, a few naughty ones were trying to steal them throughout the night) and our photographers got some great detail shots of them.

Centerpieces: We knew we wanted our centerpieces to be seasonal and vibrant, so we decided to go with cluster arrangements of hot pink dahlias with lighter roses, and huge gatherings of stock (a filler flower that is rarely every used like this and it's insanely cheap .... comparatively.) We did NOT want to spend a lot of money on the flowers! (clearly, since I spent so many hours making them.) Since we weren't quite sure how our arrangements would turn out (we'd never seen anything like what we wanted) we decided to supplement with some twinkle. We found these mosaic votives at the Pier One outlet store (what a great resource if you have one in your area) for less than $2 a piece. The peach and red went perfectly, so we bought the whole store's supply! (And we were so thrilled with the flowers too!)

More photos to come tomorrow!


rebekka said...

So amazing! The photos of your grandparents remind me of something we did on our wedding day that was really cool:

We collected wedding pictures from both of our families...grandparents, aunts, cousins, parents...anyone...and we scanned them to our computer, changed them all to black and white, and printed them 8 x 10 on fabric transfer paper. We bought a white cotton tablecloth, and ironed all the pics onto it, and used it on the bride's cake table...it was so cool!

Chere Amie said...

I LOVE that idea! Do you mind if I do a post -crediting you- about it?! Do you have any pictures!?