Sunday, August 12, 2007

I started a trend!

My best friend (who is one of my maids of honor) was engaged this morning in Maine!!! I am elated! Thrilled! Happier than words can express! I've been waiting for it to happen for some time, and therefore have been accumulating photographs to inspire her. During one visit, months ago, she described her dream dress to me. And, throughout my own wedding obsession, I've been deposting dress photos for her. In honor of my dearest friend, some dresses - perfect for petite, beautiful women with gorgeous tan skin!

(I actually tried this one on. The three tiered flowers are pins that you can remove or rearrange as you see fit. My final decision came down to this and the dress I ended up getting! Beautiful fabric.)

Jim Hjelm

Melissa Sweet

Domo Adami

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