Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two maids

I've mentioned it before, but I have two best friends - we're the fearsome threesome - so I have two beautiful Maids of Honor! Since we're rounding the corner, I thought it was safe to post about their dresses. Each is incredibly unique, so I let them pick out equally unique dresses, anything that they loved and thought they'd wear again. The only caveat, that the dresses be brown. I didn't care what fabric, length, silhouette. Whatever they wanted. And, let me just say, the both looked STUNNING when they found the perfect dresses. So, here they are!

Scarlet silk shantung modified A-line gown with gathered cummerbund at waist, tie sash at back. JK is quite petite, and she looked amazing in this long gown. Picture in brown :)

LK is TALL, long blond hair. She got this in tea-length. Shiny, beautiful brown!

Do you think the different lengths will matter?

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