Friday, August 3, 2007

Matthew Mead

THIS is what I want to do! Matthew's Web site is fantastic, with loads of inspiration photographs.

I love the idea of having a take away package for the bride and groom on their wedding night. MW and I will surely venture over to the Irish pub Fado with the rest of our revellers, but I imagine eventually we'll make it back to the Sofitel, and a midnight snack with champagne sounds delightful! I'm going to start to think about providing this for my brides and grooms as a wrap up gift!

This gift includes:

• A split of Moet champagne

• Goat cheese

• Olives• Bread sticks

• Ripe apricots

• Olive pate

• Chocolate bar

• Anna's Orange Thins (cookies)

• An antique silver butter knife

• Two champagne glasses (Isaac Mizrahi for Target)

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