Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love being inspired

I love the energy and burst I get from finding a new inspiration. Mostly it comes from things around me, and from the blogs I read on a regular basis, but today it came from old faithful: Martha. It's been a while since I have just perused the site, with no original goal. I was amazed to find a plethora of photographs this morning that I will use to influence a few parties that I am throwing this summer ... the summer of wedding and baby showers. Aren't these fantastic?

I think you can either cut out tissue flowers for these branches or use a deconstructed silk flower. We all know my love of the tissue, so I think I'll try that route:

This will be my color inspiration for a friend's shower. Clearly I'm still loving the teal and red, but this just makes me think of an upscale Mexican fiesta, and I love that idea.

I have a lot of colorful fabric scraps left over from various projects, and I just can never bring myself to throw them out. I love this hodgepodge of textiles, and I'm thinking truffles or spiced nuts would be perfect fillers.

And, of course, more tissue! What beautiful wrapping inspiration, no?

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