Friday, May 9, 2008

Paloma Blanca

My wedding dress was a Paloma Blanca, and I thought the fabric was exquisite and the dress was beautifully made. I lucked out and purchased the store's dress. It had just come in and hadn't been tried on by anyone else, and it fit like a glove. I was torn though between a bridesmaids dress in white (there are some fabulous ones out there for very little $$$), and this dress ... but when the boutique owner told me I could have it for $1,000 (almost HALF the price of the dress), I was thrilled. I think my crying father sold them! (He really couldn't stop crying when he saw me in it. He kept saying, "It's the veil, it's the veil. Take the veil off." Hilarious!)

I can't help now - nine months later - looking at the latest line of Paloma dresses. There are some beauties!


mary said...

Gosh you look so gorgeous & happy!

aletha @ pearls events said...

You looked stunning on your wedding day! I really loved your dress and also {heart} Palmoa Blanca. I am a big fan of a light pink gown that I've seen a few girls wear.