Monday, May 12, 2008

That's right everyone...

We're raising our Sk*rt to KIRTSY!!

Change is good, and I'm thrilled to announce today a HUGE change! Sk*rt is now kirtsy. And we all need your help to get the word out, so that no one gets lost and no one gets left behind. So spread it!

Also, Kirtsy is having another fabulous, incredible contest to celebrate. This, according to the site:

"That's right, kirtsy is having a giant contest with over $1,000 in prizes just for spreading the word and leaving a comment. Easy. Peasy. And one lucky kirtsy champion will win all of these cool things:

14 Books from Hachette Book Group.The fantastic Hachette Book Group has published a kabillion great books. And you could win 14 of them.

A $100 Gift Certificate for a swimsuit from Lands' End.Lands' End is known as the long-time go-to spot for the quality and variety (and the best-made swimsuits around). Seriously, a ton of super cute options. How will you choose?

A Sony DVDirect.Wow. This is incredible. A high-def way to get your video off your camera and straight on to a DVD without a PC. Very nice. And it can playbackon Blu-ray Discs too. For extreme high definition detail of your oh so professional shots.

An Affirmagy blanket. We think the Peace blanket is our mantra right now.3 cool techy items from Spoon Sisters.

A Driinn, the Take Charge, and the ID Pilot Labels. How useful are these products? How cool is this site?

8 rolls of super cute giftwrap from Hallmark. And now they have adhesive wrap. Brilliant!! If you can operate a sticky note, you can wrap like a professional wrapper of wrappings. You'll be fancy like that.

10 cases of water from Primo WaterPrimo is the first nationally available bottled water whose bottle is made from plants, not crude oil! A bottle that's friendly to the environment. What a concept! We love them.

And finally, a registration to the July BlogHer Conference in San Francisco OR a Blogher Reach conference of the winner's choice. From YouData... a new company that is so freaking smart and fantastic, and you'll hear much more about them sooner than later. Watch for it. That's right, this means one lucky winner will be attending a Blogher Conference for FREE. Thanks, YouData!!!"

So, visit the site now, poke around, let us know what you think of the new name, and spread the word!


Sarah said...

Giveaways = So exciting!

hurrah for the new Kirtsy editors!

mary said...

Woo hoo! I'm loving all the excitement that comes with this re-launch.

amy t sharp said...

yahoo!!!! I so took off my skirt and am dancing round the room kirtsying to all! xo

Anonymous said...

yay for kirtsy. loving all the hooplah around our new home.

Anonymous said...

meant to add a few exclamation marks to that!!! i don't sound to excited otherwise, do i? :)

karey m. said...

see all of the above...but three more exclamation marks than suann.

second...WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BLOG?! it's stunning!

i blame mary ruffle. {i tend to blame her when i'm unaware of something i'd love.}

Chere Amie said...

Awww, shucks! Thanks :) It's a little schizophrenic, isn't it !!??

agnes said...

I met the founders briefly during SxSW and think they are some pretty cool women. While I am bummed they had to go through this, am very happy it is earlier in their growth.


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