Friday, February 1, 2008

Bon Weekend!

We are out of town this weekend to celebrate my beautiful mother's 60th birthday, but I thought I'd leave a few things to peruse over the next few days.

It's now safe to post about my favorite latest discovery: Tastebook.

For years I've been tearing recipes out of all of my magazines and adding them to enormous black binders, divided into appropriate categories, but jumbled none-the-less. Tastebook is the answer to my recipe disorganization.

It's an insanely easy, three-step process; and they make the best gifts too! Write your own title, choose a cover image from tons of incredible pictures, add your own recipes or pull from your favorite web sites, and voila! You can even add your own photographs too. Each book comes with 100 recipes for $34.95. If you by as a gift, the recipient gets a certificate for the remaining recipes! We gave them to a lot of people for Christmas, and they've been a huge success.

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