Sunday, February 24, 2008

A contest for all you married ladies!

So many of my favorite daily reads are wonderful resources for couples planning their upcoming nuptials. I find myself a wee bit sad that my blessed event has passed, and I know I am like a million other women out there who would love to do it all over again ... different, more avant garde, maybe saving a bit more money, and - of course - incorporating all of the latest trends!

In honor of our 6-month wedding anniversary (I seriously am pathetic about finding any and all excuses to celebrate), I'm launching a week long contest ... for all of you fabulously married women out there.

You see, six months after our wedding, I'm just finally starting to put my wedding album together. Going through the 700 + photos, it quickly became obvious that my husband and I have a favorite - the one that will get printed and framed in our Pottery Barn signature frame. I'm wondering how many of you have a clear winner as well?

So, here it is: Enter your one favorite wedding photograph from your own wedding! I'll post the photographs as I receive them. At the end of the week, we'll open up the lines for voting! The bride with the #1 favorite wedding photograph will receive a $30 gift card to Anthropology (tucked in a package of treats)!

E-mail emilycheramie at gmail dot com. Be sure to include Photographer Credits! Remember, just one photo per entry!

Without further ado, here is our favorite:

We love this photo because our photographer captured a perfect intimate moment between the two of us, and we vividly remember this kiss.


Darci said...

Great contest! That picture of you two is perfect.

jessica lynn said...

what a cute picture of you and your hubby! (ps: love your pink header!! it looks great!)

Chere Amie said...

Thank you! Those are actually our centerpiece flowers. So beautiful and vivid - and I was bored this weekend so I started playing around with headings :)

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

Six months and you are ALREADY doing an album!!! I am envious! It has been nearly 2 years for me. I need to get a move on!