Sunday, February 17, 2008

Martha: Part I

While we had a blast on the Martha show, it wasn't quite as miraculas as expected. We left our house in Philly around 5:30 in order to take the train to NYC and be there by 7:30 a.m. Hubs and I were pretty exhausted and slightly out of it, and it wasn't a total surprise that Hubs left his wallet in the cab that dropped us off at Chelsea Studios. (Shh, don't tell him I told you!) So, it was Emily-Hubs drama per usual!

Here I am all bundled up in the sun glare, in line outside the studios after Hubs cancelled all of his credit cards:

We ended up not being featured guests on the show, which wasn't entirely bad since we were both a little preoccupied at that point. But I'd heard great things about how Martha treats her audience - offering delicious coffee and treats in the waiting room, etc. and I hate to say I was disappointed when we entered the building. I tried to stay positive the entire time, but I guess I had high expectations. How could I not!? Instead there was a table with Evian and stale muffins at the front of the room. After waiting in the freezing cold for 70 minutes, a number of people were complaining that there weren't hot drinks. (I totally don't mean to sound like an ingrate :)

Here's the Martha sign, washed in pretty pink hearts for Valentine's Day:

One thing worth noting is that is doesn't matter how early you show up at the studios, the seating for the show is pretty random. The first people in line that morning actually were seated behind us! I was surprised. Every ticket has a different color stripe on it, and it seemed as though the distribution was pretty random. Once seated, a few of the interns walked around and strategically placed a few remaining couples. Good camera shots, I imagine! It was great watching all of the audience members in their holiday red. A total mix of people.

The studio looks just like you'd imagine. There are so many things to look at, and it's incredible how the entire look of the room can be changed in a matter of seconds. Below is the view as you walk in: the prep kitchen - with people working throughout the show - is directly in front of you. All of Martha's products - from furniture to cookware - are scattered around the studio.

Next up: details on the two shows that were taped, plus Martha's "Meet the Producers" and secret facts about the domestic diva that you've never heart before. Plus, more pictures!

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So glad you're back! I really enjoy your blog. :-)