Monday, February 25, 2008

Contest: Day 1, Part I

To kick off the wedding photo contest this morning, I have three incredible photographs to share.

1. Aletha (Photo courtesy of Jen Kroll Photography)
Please also be sure to check out Aletha's fabulous blog!

2. Rebekah (Photo courtesy of Steve and Kari Whitaker)

3. Christina (Photo courtesy of HyStudio)

We love this photo because our wedding venue was in the middle of an industrial area and we were worried about backdrops for photos. Of course our wonderful photographer (HyStudio) found this awesome location 5 mins from our venue. We decided to sneak away during the cocktail reception to get these cool photos!

Be sure to check out the Simply Modern Weddings blog too!

More soon! Spread the word and get your friends to enter the contest too!


aletha @ pearls events said...

I cannot wait to see all the entires. I posted on my blog for all the married ladies to send in their photos, and you should be getting at least one of my past brides! How fun!

Simply Modern Weddings said...

This is so fun...I can't wait to see all the entries!

Chere Amie said...

Spread the word! I'd love to have a full week of wonderful photos to gush over :)